Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AaRON - Le Tunnel D'Or

Mauss et Charlie - Je recherche

Bénabar - Clip - Je suis de celles

Bénabar (Bruno Nicolini, b. June 16, 1969) is a French songwriter and singer, who could be compared to Vincent Delerm and other singers from his generation. As many of them he was influenced by Georges Brassens, Renaud Séchan, Jacques Higelin and also Tom Waits. His songs describe day-to-day life events with humour and a tender cynicism. His songs draw influence from French Chanson and a heavy influence is placed on the piano or the accordion in his songs for most of them and on typical French fanfare for the most dynamic of them. This genre of music is very typically French and differs from most in that emphasis is placed on appreciation of the lyrics and that it is linked to a specific culture of modern "guinche" (slang for "guinguette") appreciated a lot by Bobos among others. (source)

Dionysos Ft. Olivia Ruiz - Tais Toi Mon Coeur